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Victorian Settee with matching chairs



Victorian Settee with matching chairs –  consisting of grand settee with matching Mother and Father chairs – all with original porcelain castors and still with original fabric. I have chosen to sell in this state as the fabric though a bit worn and faded still retains its grandeur, obviously a new owner can get it recovered and the items have been priced accordingly to facilitate this.

Original porcelain castors as mentioned and dark stained (mahogany I believe) carved wooden flower patterns at the back. The Mother and Father chairs are stock standard of that era and low slung, they measure 93cm tall x 70cm wide and 60cm deep. The Settee is very spacious and will sit 3 persons on it comfortably being 1.7m long x 1.1m tall and 70cm deep. No borer and all in very sturdy condition.

The backing material has been replaced as original had been torn and cut but other than that this is a suite that will grace any fine home or Appartment.