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Totally refurbished French Charcoal Stove

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Totally refurbished French Charcoal Stove – Grand Poele a Charbon antiquaire from France and what I have here is a totally refurbished antique stove updated for modern home/house and only needs to be plumbed in. The ceramic features in maroon are stunning and these are the antique parts beautifully refurbished – ceramic pattern and work like this you will not find in New Zealand.

The maker is Godin (emblem on front) and if you google “Poele a Chardon” you will see some of their stoves. I call it a stove but it is probably more aligned to our Kent fires but so totally different in style and panache. It will burn coal, charcoal or wood and has a hot plate on the top under the ceramic lid. This is a very heavy piece of equipment and obviously made to last a long time.

I acquired it from Europe to be quite honest not knowing a great deal about what I was letting myself in for but now it is here should have bought other smaller ones in as well – there are some great works of art in these Godin antique restored fires.

It measures 95cm tall x 49cm wide and 40cm across.

The photos hopefully show what it is all about but any further info please ask – the technical specs are on the stove.