Antique Furnishings


Portuguese Pair Ceramic lamps


Very attractive and well made lamps with ceramic bases and glass covers over the light fitting. There is a fluted glass open topped cover around the light that wedges into the tin copper coated support and the outside this is a nice opaque glass cover. From Portugal.


Portuguese Pair Ceramic lamps with solid  bases then copper tin supports that hold a fluted glass column that surrounds the light bulb and is wedged into the metal support and over this sits a very nice etched glass cover. The Cover has a neat crimped edge all around it. The small knob on the tinned supports suggests a gas lamp but this is for show only -the lamps are electrified and are adapted to NZ standards.

Nice transfer printed colour workings on the front of the bases and both are in excellent condition.

The lights stand including the shades at    cm tall