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Plaster bust of French Woman


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Plaster bust of French Woman circa early 1900’s is best estimate. This is an eye catching model that has been beautifully moulded and has a slightly distressed look around her bodice. There are a few white spots on her chin where colour has dropped off but this does not trouble the item in anyway. It is in very good condition as regards having no cracks or breakages. Her light green hat with a gorgeous tied ribbon with elegant shoulders and pretty face make this one of those pieces that you cannot walk past without coming back for a second look. There is no signature or markings on the lady however the person I purchased this from is confident it is of French Origin and certainly the quality and style would support that.

The dimensions are around 40cm tall and is balanced on a pedestal that allows it to be free standing although it would be sensible to site against a wall where it won’t be knocked.