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Pair American Encaustic Tiling Company tiles

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Pair American Encaustic Tiling Company tiles embossed and glazed in a golden brown colour. This USA Company made tiles between 1881 and 1935 based in New York and these would have been made in that period so of some vintage. They have been used and there is a small amount of collateral damage – Grecian man has a small nick on his forehead and there is a nibble on top left corner of that tile. The Grecian woman partner has 2 small nicks on her finger and also 2 on the knot on her dress not surprising given the significant embossed nature of these two tiles – none of these takes anything away from the magnificence of these pieces of Art and they would look stunning mounted on a wall.

They measure 46cm long x 15cm wide and are 2.5cm thick.