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Magnificent Antique French Iron Bed

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Magnificent Antique French Iron Bed. Ornate double sized iron bed painted (recently) white. Headboard flanks are decorated with flowers and spirals and the photos hopefully say it all, this is an exquisite piece from France. It’s iron, its heavy, it’s crazy, it’s unique, it has wonderful carved features and it’s yours! You could easily repaint it any colour you wanted but I think the white sets all the features of this French bed of beautifully.

Circa 1750-1770’s.

External Dimensions 2.04m long, 1.37m wide and 98cm tall. Internal dimensions regarding mattress size are 1.6m long and 1.25m wide. The mattress would need to be 20cm minimum thick and you could do it with either one mattress or two thinner mattresses.