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Large Black Leather framed Mirror

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Large Black leather framed mirror


Large Black Leather framed Mirror on Mahogany stand with two brass pins that allow the mirror to be angled or kept straight then tightened. This is a substantial mirror ideal for a dress shop or establishment that covets a mirror allowing full length reflections. The mirror is backed by wooden boards that have had borer but have been well treated and no longer any issues there. The mirror itself has one very small (1cm long x 1/2cm wide) black spot coming from the back of the glass but is barely noticeable in the context of the overall size which is 70cm wide x 1.2m long for the mirror itself and with the leather frame is 1 meter across and 1.75 meters tall.

The black leather is in sections and with brass pins and poker worked patterns – refer photographs.

This is a very classy mirror and comes from Portugal and not surprisingly the leather work is terrific.