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Heavy- silver-plated-teapots-and-milk-jug.jpg

Heavy silver plated teapots and milk jug



Heavy silver plated teapots and milk jug. There are two ornate teapots and an equally impressive milk jug made by a craftsman and dating to around 1900’s from Portugal where this style of embellished feature work is known.  These are in great condition and being of a size that makes them elegant but still functional. The style I think could be considered Art Deco with such swirl patterning.

The art work in respect of the lovely rolling scroll work on the handles and around the middle of all 3 is of a very high standard and despite these not having any markings it is fair to say they have been made by a craftsman. Lids are totally intact and look at the mouth of that jug!

I say heavy as the teapots weigh i kilo each and the jug a little less – they stand at around 20cm tall for the teapots and slightly smaller at 16cm for the jug.