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Hand Painted Porcelain Inkwell

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Hand Painted Porcelain Inkwell for Portugal of vintage and in great condition. I suspect this would best be kept as a show piece but it is functional none the less and would grace anyone’s plush leather topped desk! It has 2 inkwells with blue striped lids and a middle piece which to be honest I am not sure what the purpose – it has very small drill holes but too small I think for any quills or fine tipped pens to be inserted. There are two small drawers presumably for pen nibs, erasers etc.

Hand painted and with a lovely drawing on the back of a bird on a branch and the same bird patter is on the front right and left side. The signature at the bottom has been slightly rubbed off (it is old) but distinguishable enough to read as made by Carlos Tomas. The XV11 I don’t think means it was made in the 1700 ‘s but more refers to an original model of that time. Louca de Combria translates to “China from the City of Combria”.

It measures 30cm long x 15cm deep and 13cm tall