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Gypsy Bobbin Table circa 1900’s


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Gypsy Bobbin Table circa early 1900’s with tripod leg stand and mahogany base – the top has been re-sanded and stained as the original surface was very potted and spent due to use over the years. Gypsy Bobbin tables were first produced in England by William Gerrard back in the mid to late 1800’s – nice and light and then could be made and sent as flat pack to be resurrected by the new owner. The “Gypsy” wording attached to these is not definitive to a person or place but back in the 1850’s when Gypsy people traveled a lot furniture like this was highly portable and in demand.

This one is to best of my knowledge and view, original and the re-sanded top does show some worm wear but that adds very much to the truth and age of the item. Great showpiece and size wise an easy item to have.

Measures 70cm tall and 74 x 53 cm on top.