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Gouda Holland Pottery two pieces


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Gouda Holland Pottery two pieces of high glazed dark floral Gouda pottery. Being sold together these are described as:

The Candle Stick Holder was mad by Marinus Van Kelsbergen an employee of the Platteelbakkerif Zuid-Holland Company (PZH) who was employed from 1918-1930 so the piece can be readily attributed to somewhere in that time. This is later high glaze pottery which came into existence from 1906 to 1930. The initials MK are that of the maker. Other identifiers are from batch number 58 and the mark with the two crosses could indicate the piece may be as early as 1918. The dimensions are 80mm tall and 140mm wide and is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.

The small jug is also from the PZH Company and would date to that same high glaze period though it is less able to be tied down to a maker as there is no makers mark. Batch number was 339 and has more of a green emphasis but still with several other beautiful flowing colours. The dimensions of this piece is 145mm tall and 90mm wide. In excellent condition.