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Glassware various makes, colors, ages


Glassware various makes,colors,ages – depression glass, blue glass, Amber glass, yellow glass, blue glass, milk ware glass and so on.

Glass not only is so functional some of it is a work of art to be appreciated for it’s exquisite beauty and shape, not forgetting color.

Hocking Mayfair is interesting in that it is USA company making glassware between 1931-37 and I have as at time of writing this some very nice glassware from that Company.

Murano glass is old and yet still being made today so many shapes and colors and many look-a-likes that could be maybe or could not be maybe Murano.

Prices are dependent on the item so my suggestion is best to come in and view if you are wanting any of the items in the photo whilst it lasts. If you are looking for a special glass let me know and I will see what I can source for you.