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English Antique Biscuit Barrels

$90.00 $65.00


English Antique Biscuit Barrels selection of 5 dating to around early 1900’s and all in excellent quality and complete with original lids. The sale is for these individually and the price will vary depending on which one is asked about but prices will be between $175 and $240. These Biscuit Barrels are noteworthy for their lovely Victorian colours – nice soft hues.

I have shown a photo of the 5 together and then the bottom stamped so one can see the makers mark. In order they are

Crown Pottery Alton – $90

Crown Devon – $90

Carlton Ware – $100

Bridgwood – $90

Dimensions are around 16cm tall and 15cm wide

N.B 2nd June – the Royal Doulton barrell in foreground of main picture has now sold.