Antique Furnishings


Console black marble top circa 1920



Console black marble top circa 1920 in mogno wood which is a wood found in Portugal and Spain (and in Brazil) and an easily carved light wood. This Console is fairly typical of ornate carvings made to feature the front facing of a table or desk. This one has elegant tapering legs with grooved lines and then rings and pronounced rectangles near to the bottom. The colorings are cream and gilded gold, I particularly like the concentric circles in the centre. The top is black marble and has been cut to match the curve and front of the wooden base, it does show some sign of use (small chip at back of marble top) and there are some white lines that are just part of the marble running across the top.


This is a very elegant console and will fit into quite small spaces being 92cm long, 74cm tall and 33cm wide so works in formal or informal setting.