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Colorful Washbasin, Jug, Iron Stand

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Colorful Washbasin, Jug, Iron stand all contributing to a colourful spectacle of blues, yellows, greens, oranges and white. The jug or perhaps best described as a Ewer (due to its very large size) is quite spectacular in its colours and very empathetic of Portugal’s love of blue. This is more of a show piece than a usable piece of equipment however the jug pours and the basin holds water and the stand is just fine. There is a stamped makers mark of Fairral (I can find no google reference alas) and they have been hand painted (both the jug and the basin) so a pretty spectacular set. Can be left outside but probably best in a Conservatory or sheltered spot.

The stand has loops at the top allowing a small pot plant I imagine to be hung on it so that’s a bonus!

The Ewer is 56cm tall and the basin is 43cm across and the stand 1.4m