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Cold cast Bronze Greyhound Statue


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Cold cast Bronze Greyhound Statue – this is a beautiful piece of work with three racing Greyhounds mounted on a plinth of marble and onyx (marble on top and Onyx beneath) that increases in depth giving a greater sense of movement. The colouring of the dogs is Grey with sienna colored striping on the backs and sides emphasising the sleekness of the Greyhounds. This is a substantial and heavy piece (due mostly to the very solid base) and measures 70cm in length x 27cm tall and 13cm wide.

The front leg of the leading dog could do with a small re-glue onto the base to secure the three hounds who are all creatively joined together by the casting otherwise this is wonderful condition – a couple of small white flecks on the black marble.

As to age cannot say sorry – it has come from an Estate of a person who was a very fine collector but no information passed on. Definitely from Europe and judging by the patina and the base of considerable age.