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Art Deco styled Room divider Screen


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Art Deco styled Room divider Screen and a bit of a wow factor piece. There are three sections that are hinged together and they spread, if flattened out, to 1.5 metres. Add to that a height of 2 metres for the tallest section and you have a pretty substantive piece of Art.

It’s modern , it’s elaborate, it’s see through so no use as a screen to change behind – as a divider lot’s of places to put it but it will need a house or conservatory or Cafe or Bar with some height.

It has woven Rattan as feature in the middle of the panels with metal leaf motifs and lattice worked sections on the top and bottom and topped off with riveted metal crowns or combs. Each panel is graduated as can be seen from the photos so very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Comes from Europe and dates to around 1960.