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Antique Sicilian Marionette


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Antique Sicilian Marionette – what can I say? It’s spooky, its unique, it’s made from wood, it would work, it has such a rouged face it makes Marlene Dietrich look good, the thinness of the tin armour has been beaten to within an inch of it’s life and it has been incredibly well dressed in Corduroy. It has an iron bar from top of head with a hook at the end to allow hanging up and then another bar that works the sword arm. Condition is pretty good considering the age and probable use this man has had. This is a collectors item for anyone who does or is a collector of Puppetry.

I cannot totally attest to the age but the story of how it came to my possession makes it date back to early 1900’s.

It stands (hangs) at 80cm then add another 32cm for the bar so a tall warrior. I hope the pictures tell the wonderful creation someone has taken the care and attention to make.