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Antique Portuguese Drawer Chest



Antique Portuguese Drawer Chest. A very unusual shaped chest of drawers and without a lie, I can only say the marble top is fabulous – a word I seldom use but it has to be said and it fits like a glove (though moveable please note).
The colour and patina on this piece are also very interesting – made in the Portuguese style of D. Maria with marquetry of pau-santo rosewood, mahogany and hawthorn flowers plus yellow metal handles and resting on elegant thin legs. It would fit well in with any decor be it modern or of a more older set of (antique) furnishings as the cut and style is very good. It has three drawers that extended the whole way across the front with the middle part of the drawer more promoted to give a look that suggests it is in fact 9 drawers in total.

Early 1900’s of making.

Dimensions: 87cm tall x 1.04m long x 46cm deep