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Antique exquisite ceramic mirror

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Antique exquisite ceramic mirror. Photographing mirrors is a nightmare so I have tried to do the best I can and apologies for the slight fussiness and the mirror reflections – hopefully you can see how exquisite this mirror is and the quality of the workmanship. It  has been beautifully kept in pristine condition both as regards the ceramic work as well as the beveling and mirror glass. The bevel work is difficult to see as a camera snap but the connecting thumb like impressions around the cornering that move to straighter bevel is seldom seen now-a-days. The posies of flowers that adorn the perimeter are mauve, yellow, blue, green , pink combo’s and they sit between white flowing scrolls touched with gold to highlight the relief work.

Dates to early 1900.

The mirror is 80cm tall and 54cm across at the widest part. Has a brass attachment at the back to hang from.