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Antique English Tiles various styles


Antique English Tiles various styles – transfer printed, Majolica and a couple that are individually created. These are individual tiles in the main with the occasional set of two or maybe 3 and in most all cases have been rescued from a previous life and some will have as a result a few nibbles. Crazing is a fact of life for the majolica tiles given how they are hand made then glazed then fired so no excuses for any that show some crazing.  A lot of these tiles go back to the Victorian era when tiles were an art form (not so much nowadays with mass factory runs) especially the majolica ones.

These are ideal for anyone wanting to create a ceramic tile surround around – whatever.

Most all measure the standard 6 x 6 inches.

Prices vary so read below

Transfer tiles $30 each

Majolica tiles $45 each

Individual larger hand made tiles – POA