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Antique Cast Iron Falkirk Fireplace


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Antique Cast Iron Falkirk Fireplace pulled out of Cottage in the Corommandel. Beautiful tiles that stand out but alas one of the red tiles has been broken, it could be replaced but finding an exact match will be difficult so my suggestion is to take one of the top red tiles and use that to put in broken area then get two similar sized tiles and use these at the top. I have a selection of tiles that would do the trick.

The only other issue is bottom left iron wing next to grate has been torn off – small piece and that should be easy to get an iron plate which you blacken and weld on. Yes a job for a handyman but you will end up with a thing of great beauty and function.

This fireplace was made by Falkirk in Scotland and obviously came to New Zealand in the 19th Century and installed in a cottage here. Ornate patterned cowling above grate as can be seen by the pictures. The green tiles are embossed and the colour is just wonderful. Grill and Grate there.

Measurements are 97cm x 97cm