Antique Furnishings


Outdoor a must have category given more often than not they are Antique, wear well, look good and you don’t have to dust them. Our outdoor category has items from Europe and also NZ and the mix will vary from time to time as items come and go so keep a weather eye out as regards this category.

Garden Statues, whilst not everyone’s cup of tea, will often add a wow factor to a garden especially may I say cottage gardens or those lovely rambling places where you come around a corner and there she or he or it is!

Some ceramic works, especially those mosaic worked models, will accommodate an outdoor situation and don’t forget if you have a conservatory that what would go in the garden would also look good in the conservatory.

I have at time of writing this (and must not forget to delete should it be sold) a magnificent concrete statue of a maiden perched on the side of a bird bath with one hand touching her hair – it is truly a great piece but also very very heavy so once in situ leave it there I suggest.