Antique Furnishings

Antique Tables

Antique Tables and a variety thereof ranging from formal dining to small petite side tables. Some New Zealand Kauri tables come in from time to time. European tables will have woods that are not often seen in New Zealand (other than Oak and Mahogany) so check out the details very carefully,

Tables are a space specific item of furniture (not just for your home but also for my shop) so the range I will carry will not be vast and the large extendable dining room table is not something I would normally carry as a stock item but if you are in the market for a big (or any size) table give me some time leeway and I may be able to come up with what you are after (or at worst direct you to someone who has such).

I am constantly on the lookout for quality (old) tables that have that special factor to them and in particular the legs so if you have and you do not want let me know.