Antique Furnishings

Antique Furniture from New Zealand

Antique Furniture from New Zealand. We try and source New Zealand furnishings to a style and quality that fits in with the theme we have that is a good furnishing for either a contemporary dwelling or a classic home. The number and range we have will be dwarfed by our European Furniture but please do not ignore as we have some very unique items here.

Whilst we are still a very young Nation the quality of New Zealand Furniture and it’s own uniqueness of woods not found elsewhere gives people the opportunity to acquire very special items of Furniture, Maori carvings to name but one.

Kauri is well recognised and know though as a softer wood it does get issues with borer but keep in mind it is a diminishing source so if you own a good piece of Kauri Furniture hang onto it but keep an eye on it and treat with a Borer solution you can buy.