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Antique Furniture – European. Quality furnishings sourced from Portugal, Spain and Southern France primarily and shipped to New Zealand for the opportunity for New Zealander’s to purchase furniture seldom seen. Our items are sometimes different to and sometimes similar to other Antique stores¬† – we all offer different experiences and Waihi is a different experience again so best to come and rest, look and hopefully buy what we have to offer.

My furniture range extends from Chests of Drawers, Display cabinets, settees, tables, commodes (French), chairs, bedside furniture (including iron beds from Portugal) etc and there are also the unusual items that my Supplier has found such as Religious sculpture’s and outdoor iron worked wash stands and the like.

The woods being European are Walnut, Rosewood, Cedar, Mahogany, Oak (European not English) and now and then woods that are not only tongue twisters but spelling phenomenon’s. The marquetry on some of the French made furniture is quite outstanding.

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Sale! Antique French Gilded Mirror

Antique French Gilded Mirror

$1,750.00 $1,225.00

Sale! Antique French Trumeau Mirror

Antique French Trumeau Mirror

$2,700.00 $1,950.00

Sale! Art Deco Mirror

Art Deco Mirror

$300.00 $175.00

Sale! Gold gilded mirror circa 1920

Gold gilded mirror circa 1920

$550.00 $440.00

Sale! Large Black leather framed mirror

Large Black Leather framed Mirror

$1,975.00 $950.00

Sale! Magnificent Antique French Iron Bed

Magnificent Antique French Iron Bed

$1,500.00 $1,250.00

Sale! Mirrored Art Deco Dresser

Mirrored Art Deco Dresser

$875.00 $450.00

Sale! Oak Bookcase Cabinet

Oak Bookcase Cabinet

$640.00 $550.00

Sale! Provincial Corner Cabinet

Provincial Corner Cabinet

$900.00 $480.00

Sale! Spanish rustic corner cabinet

Spanish rustic corner cabinet

$1,250.00 $685.00

Sale! Vintage French display cabinet

Vintage French display cabinet

$990.00 $785.00