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One year on and in – The Yin and Yang of Antiquing

one year on and in - the Yin and Yang of Antiquing

One year on and in – the Yin and Yang of Antiquing. Well I intended to write an annual report about my new life as an Antique Dealer – some thought and comments have been displayed in some earlier blogs so no sense in repeating verbatim but it is hard to ignore some of the generalities incumbent in this business.


I have managed to read a goodly number of books which is a plus. I have managed to complete quite a number of crosswords and got quite good at “Code Cracker” in the Lovatts crosswords puzzle issues. I have eaten only 4 packets of Pineapple lumps plus 1 packet Mackintosh’s over the last 12 months and the Bakery across the road has taken more of my money than I think is fair. My weight has remained none the less fairly stable and only had 1 attack of Gout in my left foot (toe area).

“Smalls” has become a useful word and in fact has become a useful adjunct to what was ostensibly only going to be a high end Antique furnishings business.

More people have offered me their unwanted wares than I have sold of my purchased wares – interesting that so many people are now downsizing, going into smaller homes and have children that have no interest in old stuff – well maybe it’s actually not that interesting but just a fact.

Waihi has grown on me and I covet those early mornings at the beach where I and maybe 1 or 2 others have the entire beach to themselves. There is only 1 shop in the main street that is still for rent (and there would be good reasons why it is). The Rob Roy Hotel owner that is on the corner continues his one-man crusade in getting his hotel updated and the Waikino hotel in the Gorge has been through a major reconstruct. Great town.

So one year in – Good? Bad? Indifferent? Staying? Leaving? Who cares?

This is a business that requires the patience of Job (mind his only lasted a week I think), the bum of an elephant, the empathy of a Doctor, the resilience of the Pyramids and a bloody good sense of humour. All of which I have in bucketful’s – so in short yes here for another term. I recall the mojo stuff Academics like to promote about working “on” versus working “in” your business to forge ahead and be smarter – for me it’s all and both. I also note with some concern the continuing shrinkage of Antique shops maybe my earlier comment that I might be the last man standing could come true.

Obviously should you bother to read this your support would be received with much joy and the good word spread to others. To show how advanced I have become – I have a Facebook Account, God love and spare me!!!