Antique Furnishings

New, Old and Antique – the value of?

New, Old and Antique- the value of


Here are three items – Relatively new (glass flowers in a stylish cream vase), Middle aged (scales, ceramic measure indicator and black iron structure) and Antique (Dutch East Indies Company (VOC) brass holder. What is the most valuable in your opinion? Well I shall give you mine – you being such a passive audience.

The Relatively new one has color, style and as a furnishing would look great on a table or shelf.

The Middle aged item has balance, interesting shape – lacks bright coloring but is still an item that has a function.

The Antique is dull, solid brass, has VOC engraved on it and the crest of the Dutch East India Company so it was cast sometime between 1602 and 1799 but of no real use. (It may have been a mortar but lost the pestle). Mind you it weighs 2 kilos so maybe a paper weight?                                                        img-4823-1-of-1-10

Value wise I think the batting order is pretty much as I have listed above re Relatively new, Middle aged and Antique.

Interest wise I think the brass object because of the history it associates to, the scales would be second I think with their geometric shape and you can still use to measure light weights. The flowers in the Vase last as there is little to say about them other than how much and where did you buy them from?

For a furnishing it’s a no brainer – flowers, scales and hide that awful brass thingy please!






So new can be good but please don’t ignore these old and very interesting items that still are here with us today.