Antique Furnishings

If only Drawers could talk

If only Drawers could talk – Bit like the adage “if only walls could talk” but talking drawers are more interesting, they can be mobile, fit many uses and they have held treasures that walls have not.

I pulled open a drawer in one of the French Commodes I have here very soon after its arrival and was taken by the smell which is best described as slightly musky, dark and with a fragrance nothing but an old wooden drawer could provide. I know that sounds a bit like the anal way people describe wines but as the purveyor of the item that is my take. Drawers, especially good old ones have that aroma of age and a smoothness or roughness that suggest much use – who were the owners, where has it travelled, how many places has it been in, what (who) has been in it? Many stories.

Or if you owned a 150 year old Spanish leather chair then how many bums would have sat on that? Rich bums, poor bums, men women and children’s bums, writers, real estate salespeople, leaders, politicians and many many other bums. Now if only that chair could talk what a book of verse that might be.

Or the Mona Lisa perched up there at the Louvre – if those eyes could reflect back and record the story behind each of those millions of faces? She has been there since 1797 apart from a short Robbery holiday (that’s a fact fact not a Trump fact) and last year 8.8 million people visited the Louvre and I would bet 8.7 million people went to look at that painting and that smile and those eyes – so allowing for say an average of 4 million over all those years that’s 880 million gawkers – no wonder she would have to be the star of the talk show.

Virtual reality, cloning, DNA re-creation? Be kind and respect aged objects, you just never know.

Just a note – some of our Furniture is now at the Art Market in Waihi town, it’s the big yellow building on the main street, so if you are in Waihi you can view it there or contact me (Robin) on 027 824 7777 and I can show you all the rest at 8 Rosemont Road (which is open wed to sat 10 to 3) and 17 Tauranga Road in the township, the distances between all three places is 2 minutes so it is an easy get to.