Antique Furnishings

Becoming an Antiques Dealer

I have had the good luck recently to meet and talk briefly with two guys who are Antique Restorers and was interested to hear how they came to such a profession and then mused on my own arrival if it can be called that and why and how others are here in such a business.

Some will have been born into it I guess in that Mom and Dad or one of the two had an Antiques business and as a child then and later as an adult they followed the same path.

Others will have come via different paths – young lad or lady looking for something to gain income from and started as an assistant in an Antique shop, learnt the ropes then started out on their own.

Perhaps it began from a collecting interest – pens, matchboxes, tin toys, dolls and morphed into wider collections and finally as space at home was becoming a problem a shop was rented and so it began in earnest.

Garage sales with your Mother – you became interested as she was making money out of reselling so why not have a go then whammo the bug was caught. Or you didn’t need your Mother.

You had followed the conventional path of leaving school, going to University or getting a Trade or whatever, became what you trained to be and followed such a course until either an epiphany moment or retirement caused a brain explosion and so because of a lurking interest here you are.

Someone you knew was making a packet out of it (Show me that person – Please) and as you were not making such a packet decided to sign up.

It was just in your genes and that’s always what you wanted to do.

For the Restorer – A Builder by profession then because of an interest in woods and joinery and the opportunity to restore old pieces came about. A handyman with ability and it naturally translated into old stuff repair. If there are any still around – an Apprenticeship with a Firm that did Antique Restoration. Could be any of the above as well.

For me – 6th paragraph.

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