Antique Furnishings

Antique Retailing in the 21st Century

Eleven months may or may not qualify me to comment with any great degree of knowledge and certainty on Antique retailing in the 21st Century but as I am sitting here behind my desk, in my shop, patiently awaiting for those who want to buy Antiques, it is a good time to reminisce.

I had a Wholesale business prior to this one that dealt with a certain number of customers who wanted and needed my product. Antiques are I guess classified as “non-essential but sometimes nice to have” so it makes for a more difficult world. Patience becomes a virtue.

Am I beginning to understand that’s why so few Antique shops are around today? I am again guessing but I would put money on it that Antique businesses have halved in number over the last twenty years. Why – would be a number of factors.

So here I am in Waihi – the only Antique shop in this Town so that’s cool in a way and I have the shock factor. “Wow – what’s a nice looking guy like you with such a great shop doing here?” (The middle bit of that sentence maybe fake news) but it is a great looking shop with quality stuff as attested to by many of those who come in.

Visitors come in many guises and I hope, if you are or have been or will be one, you won’t mind me identifying some types (in a jocular way).

  • The window/front door stopper only – I am not going to lock you up!!
  • The 10 second sprint champion – down, around and then out lickety spit. Thanks for coming!
  • The 30 second middle distance athlete – slower yes but still with a “let’s get out of here” in case he asks “Can I help you?”
  • “I wish I had the space/I am downsizing (do you buy?)/ Isn’t this lovely – my Grandmother, Aunt, Mother had one of those/ I only have a small house now as have downsized/ I have a modern house and this won’t go with any of my things/ They are quite expensive aren’t they” – Yeah I know.
  • The Dweller – lovely. Maybe? Bugger gone.
  • The Connoisseur and lover of fine things – Maybe? Bugger again.

And finally

  • The Buyer – Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Waihi is a great Town and with a big history and lots to see and do including a magic beach so come on up, down or over and whilst here come and visit me.